EDU 2F is an association which gives orphaned children the means to build their future. It was created in 2006 by Madame KARIMOU Rafiatou, the first woman to hold the post of Minister in the Republic of Benin. Through education, we allow the most vulnerable children in Benin to build a better future. We carry out our mission through fundraising, engaging our volunteers, raising public awareness, hosting local events and building partnerships.

 Our organization started helping a small number of street children and orphanages in the Republic of Benin in 2006. Since then, EDU 2F has helped over 80,000 children get back to school, and we have helped thousands families to generate a sustainable income so that their children can receive an education. Today, we operate to ensure access to education and help children defend their rights.


All the entities of EDU 2F have the same objective based on 3 strategic elements: education, child protection and family income development.

We protect the children with the help of social workers, distributed in the different localities in which we work. They identify the most disadvantaged children, orphans help them find a safe home and take them to school while helping families create sources of income. At the same time, we are building schools in remote areas and training teachers to make education accessible to as many people as possible. We also defend gender equality and access to education for the disabled. Ultimately, the goal is that every child, whatever it is, can complete a full education and flourish.

We want to have a long-term impact and hope that one day we won't be needed anymore. We want these children to have a better life and to be able to go to school. That's why we train families, teachers and communities on how to support themselves independently and over the long term.

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